Our Mission & Vision

Our clients have invested years of hard work and focus building their net worth. We partner with you in planning for the future and achieving financial security. Complex issues such as estate planning; inflation and currency hedging; education, inheritance, and trust planning, are the types of issues we manage every day for our clients.

Our financial advisors have invested years of hard work and focus building their client base and advisor businesses. Their clients are their first priority and achieving client goals are the reason they exist. Capital Guardian provides a conflict-free, supportive and flexible investment platform where financial advisors have the freedom and motivation to serve their clients and build their advisory businesses.

Clients and their Financial Advisors are completely aligned at Capital Guardian, invested in the same outcomes and end goals. This is the core of our client service philosophy.

Our Mission Statement:

Capital Guardian’s mission is to provide the platform for Clients and Financial Advisors to achieve their investment goals and create their financial security.

Our Vision Statement:

Capital Guardian’s vision is to provide infrastructure, technology, advice, and support to progressive financial advisors as they build effective, client-focused investment practices.

Our Core Values

– At Capital Guardian, management answers to our financial advisors, and our advisors answer to their clients. Clients trust us to be diligent stewards of their money, and we take that responsibility very seriously.
Investment Acumen
– The financial services industry is overflowing with people that talk about investment performance, but real results are actually very hard to find. Capital Guardian measures its success solely on the investment results and financial security that its financial advisors achieve for their clients.
– Capital Guardian's owners and financial advisors have attended many of the finest educational institutions in the World, and possess the best professional industry designations, such as CFP®, CIMA®, CFA, and CPA® included with the continuing education related to these designations. Intellect is the raw material that we use to develop and maintain Investment Acumen.
– In the management of Capital Guardian, we always develop an investment thesis, but remain keenly focused on market action. You have to assess both factors correctly to achieve desired outcomes. We remain humble and open-minded in addressing everything from evolving client and financial advisor needs, to the corporate development of the Capital Guardian business.