Why Choose Us

Capital Guardian is a full-service wealth management firm with locations across the United States. We help talented financial advisors service their clients by providing infrastructure, technology, systems, advice and support. The best financial advisors know that their long-term success depends upon the success and satisfaction of their clients. Capital Guardian provides advisors with all of the tools necessary to match their client’s needs and achieve their investment goals.

Not only is Capital Guardian a client-focused firm, we’re also able to provide you with investment products and services not available elsewhere. We have what we like to call [an “Open Platform”] "Open Investment Architecture". For example, you’ll have the flexibility of choosing from more than 600 mutual fund companies, 500 separately managed accounts, and a long list of fixed and variable annuities. We are also highly experienced in the alternative investment classes. You can achieve true diversification by investing in asset categories beyond the equity markets - managed futures, hedge funds, private equity, REIT’s, and other alternative asset classes. We partner with top-tier counterparties to create ETF portfolios, structured notes, and equity-linked CDs with attractive risk/reward profiles.

Put simply, investors choose Capital Guardian because they want unbiased counsel and advice from their Financial Advisors, and access to a multitude of products and services structured correctly for their portfolios and investment goals.