Why Capital Guardian

Capital Guardian was founded and built with the vision to provide an unconstrained environment for financial advisors and their clients to thrive without the restrictive boundaries and bureaucracies of a large investment firm. You will be part of a team who has access to the best products, services and technology available in the financial services industry today.

At Capital Guardian, we are independently owned, so our allegiance is to our advisors and their clients. We focus on helping you achieve your goals, using the elements of a true partnership:

  • Personalized Service - A relationship manager who is dedicated to your business
  • A meaningful relationship with the home office
  • Access to the top executives; some of them still work with clients
  • Flexibility to address your special needs
  • Payment on every account and household, regardless of size
  • Full commission hits your grid
  • Flexibility to add investment managers and products that you desire
  • Open Platform - we listen to suggestions; we share ideas
  • Help with recruitment for your office is available when needed

In addition to our partnership with Pershing for the best technology and clearing available, we also provide access to some of the best technology in the industry:

We don’t have proprietary products. So you have the freedom to provide almost any solution to meet your client needs, including: